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    Welcome to Milano Kleid Apparel. We're a Canadian established business that strives to be a brand that defines who we really are. A generation not defined by race or ideology but defined by a united desire to make the world a better place.


    Milano Kleid is based on the Milan Cathedral, "Duomo Di Milano" in Italy. As we've taken two unique countries of rivalry as "Milano" is Italian and "Kleid" is German then united them into one, as the outcome being "Milano Kleid."

    If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to ask on our contact form. We will respond as quickly as possible.


    We have much to teach you about the reality we're truly living in and the lies that we've been told as truth, if you want to know right now please take a look into our blogs.

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    Milano Kleid Appparel’s purpose is to discriminate against corruption by providing undeniable truth to the rest of the world.

     Milano Kleid Apparel realizes that humanity will not be surviving for much longer if we continue to do nothing. This is where our luxury and street wear lifestyle brand becomes helpful for the next generation.

     By wearing our signature clothing, we're able to promote special kinds of information and entertainment to the rest of the world to achieve this incredible goal. We will be educating billions of people on the truths of what we're living in to expand their consciousness and awaken their inner knowing and their full potential.

     The society that we're living in is in complete mind control by the people running the world. This is a problem because they're able to create an undesirable reality for you to help them control the world even more by using the powerful tool of money. This system in place is to keep the world going around but the sad truth remains, they don't care about you. 

     Let's question it, why don't we have worldwide healthcare? Why is education incredibly expensive? We have a cure for cancer, but its worth $2 billion dollars a year in revenue and they choose not to release the product since its too cheap to cure. Why do wars exist, can't we make peace with other countries and leaders? Why does poverty and the starving exist? The parallels go on and on.

     The more of us that question it all, the better the next generation will become and the faster our world issues will be resolved. 

     If we can get just 3% of the worlds population to awaken to the true reality that we're living in, we may just have a chance at living in heaven on Earth, for real.

     Just 3% of the worlds population sounds like a high goal to achieve, but once you awaken to what we're really living in versus what you've been told, you might just be blown away by how fast we can achieve this incredible experience and all you have to do is participate with us by simply opening your mind to other possibilities. Knowledge is power and it can change your life forever.

     The more people that starts wearing our incredible lifestyle brand, the faster the world changes towards higher greatness, peace and heaven on Earth.

     That's our intentions and we hope that you can participate with us.




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